Club L U M E
Concept development with Tuhti Musiikki, AD, graphic design
All print and web-products.

A concept design for a club with the theme of surrealism and illusion, inspired from old fairytales and symbolism.
Each event has a different theme, to which dancers dress up and light and lazer-shows add to creating athmosphere.
Sci-fi and fantasy meet - Lazer Lilies
The campaign.
01 - Lazer lilies
02 - Binary OZ
Flyer A6.
LUME flyer/contactcards
"Binary Oz" - naive and playful
"IS UV" - what can you see in the dark?
The logo.
Edit of all the pictures from the second event with theme "Binary Oz". Much work, as the pictures provided were of inconsistent quality.

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