Video, edit and other design for Jussi Syren and Aarnes duet "Garden In The Sky", a version of the Blue Sky Brothers bluegrass gospel from 1940's.

This song was not published on YouTube as a live performance before. And the album from 2013 was previously was listenable, but not anymore, so it was a needed add to the bands impressive list of videos.

The video was to feel a tad over-done ala´70's, saturated, retro, scratchy and suiting the theme of the song in colorthemes. Edited in PS.

Published on the YouTube-channel Bluegrass Is Not Dead and the bands Facebook-page.
Also on Jussi Syrens blog.


Jussi Syren & The Groundbreakers website
Facebook header, designed to fit well also on mobile and pads.
Informational and pretty announcement-picture.

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