INVEON - Östra Nylands yrkessinstitut (EDUCATION, vocational school)

All design and layout for campaign 2015
(extended partially to 2016)

-design of symbols for the schools study programmes
-informational brochure

They wished for a fresh and easy-on-the-eyes overall-look, that described the schools many study-programmes without putting too much dominance on just one. I designed a symbol for each study-programme, and color-coded the various activities the school offers based on inspration of the actual content on each study programme.
The brochure is a tri-folded A4, and the typefaces used for all print is Hagin for headlines, and Quicksand for all else. These typefaces I chose, besides for their aesthetics, also because  the school lets their students design their merchandise sometimes, and a free font with no costs is possible to download for anyone.
The poster contains the symbols of those study-programmes that are open to apply to.
Magazine ad's from 2015 versus 2016. The look is freshened a bit to suit the whole of the campaign design.
This look managed to stand out well in the magazines, as the colors are quite different from other advertisement.
Different facebook - headers with the same overall theme.
Pattern from 2015

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