Konstrundan 2018:
- design and layout as well as the illustration for the campaign.

The campaign included various print-products as well as web and multimedia.
A 24-page tabloid magazine for both print and web.
The materials were partly tri-ingual: Swedish, Finnish and Englinsh.

Konstrundan is an open studio event, organised once a year throughout Finland.

" For the eleventh year in a row the Art Circuit (Konstrundan) opens the doors to artists, artisans and designers all over Finland. Konstrundan offers the opportunity to get to know contemporary artists and designers in Finland. It is an amazing experience. You can see anything from visual art to handicraft, from photography to video art, in the very environment it is being produced in. " - from the Konstrundan webpage

When I started sketching for the illustration I knew it would set the whole look and color-palette for all other material and I wanted to somehow include many elements of art, design and the craft of artisans. But when the range of art is so wide it would mean that incorporating every kind of art, technique or medium it could become quite cluttered.
So I went a bit deeper into the thought, myself also being an illustrator, that the two most often used tools for me is my imagination and my hands.

From there spurred the idea of drawing quite sketched-styled hands - creating something, textures, patterns and some symbols of materials. Once I grasped this idea all quite soon fell into place and the symbol for imagination is the blank area around the illustration - the negative space that flows into the illustration trough the hands - that is the imagination.

We, as artist often derive creative force from what is around us. The culture, current events, universal human feelings - from the void that is actually not a void but full of so much that just needs that own unique way of interpretation and turning that abstract feeling or thought to something tangible.

We use our own mediums, own ways and own taste to create and interpret the world in our art - and creativity is not bound to age, gender or anything else. That is why the lines on the sketch-like hands are of various colors and the hands are as blank as the void-not-void around them and of various forms.

This years event on Facebook | 8–9.9.2018

Konstrundan on FB
Konstrundan on Instagram
Konstrundan website

The illustration.
Homely scene from my office with some of the printed material. Joining in this way in the Konstrundan-mentality and "opening" a peek to my studio!
The bag is printed on both sides.
Some of the printed material. Postcards, various posters; both informative in A4, A3, A2 and "Fill-In" posters for the artist in Konstrundan that they can use as signs on roads or outside of their studios when the event  takes place.
The magazine contains information of all open studios and also short interviews with some artists. Ads were also placed so that they would be in the right section of municipality or city.
The magazine is readable on the web on Issuu:
Screenshot of the first pages of the magazine on Issuu.
Big roadside-ads and short video ads in various locations around the country were also part of the campaign. Below examples of them, I will fill in real-life pictures as I get them.

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