Logodesign, various
2012 - 2017
Lux Archipelago, light festival, Pargas/Parainen, Finland.
Elda Interactive - software company
Draft for artist Alexandra Alexis
Fotocentrum Raseborg Valokuvakeskus r.f. A non-profit association for photography and art in Raseborg, southern Finland.
Galleri KOBRA Galleria, located in Karis, Raseborg. Under management of Fotocentrum Raseborg Valokuvakeskus r.f, so the visual profiles color scheme is adapted to suit and associate with the association.
KNUTN - youth café
Bluegrass Is Not Dead - YouTube channel
Kulturhuset Karelia Kulttuuritalo - venue for theathre, music-shows, culture and arts of various kinds.
EstradpoesiFI - Platform, blog and community for performance poetry in swedish-speaking Finland
Joe LNB - artist
Club LUME - lightshows, music, dancers
Home Of Bluegrass Records - record label for bluegrass music in Finland (FI)
ADVICE / ADBEATS - changable logo for musicproducer
Logo for performance poetry project Finlandssvenska Delegationen
Emblem for wedding
Herr Dunkel - audioproducer and rapper
Culture Crash - logo for youth workshops

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