Various design for web, both remix-covers for the single "Grind On It", and facebook visual content as well as visual idea and concept for the project of four remixes from one song that features various rappers.
Idea and concept for video: the remix will be released in four different versions with many various rappers, and a video for each of the remixes was needed in a tight schedual. The original "Grind On It" single's video features Meron riding a car, so I developed the concept of the remixes to be like a game. As the terminology to "grind" is a shared term between hip hop/rap-culture and game it works well on so many levels. So the remixes videos are like a trippy POV-game.
Videos are produced and filmed by 21productions and music producer is Advice.
Grind On It REMIX02 - featuring Paleface, Matre, Diison & Dagger D rapping in English.
Grind on it REMIX 01 - featuring Finnish rapping by Kekkonen, Janne Ordèn, Ruma & Anselmi.
Ambition in the gaze.

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