Various posters I have created for different events, occasions, gigs, artists and venues.

Poster for event at Kulturhuset KARELIA Kulttuuritalo, 2017.
Poster for the band Karma Buckets' Birthday Bash-special event.

Poster for panel discussion at Galleri KOBRA, Karis, Finland, 2017.
Jussi Syren & The Groundbreakers fill-in poster 2016.
Various fill - in posters I designed for the band Jussi Syren and the Groundbreakers 2015.
Jussi Syren And The Groundbreakers website
Jussi Syren And The Gorundbreakers on Facebook
Poster for Poetry Jam at Galleri KOBRA, 2016.
A Pro bono-work for a poetry jam with Burken: in Ekenäs, Raseborg. Burken: is an experimental platform, a kind of an idea-lab, for creative people in art, music, and all kinds of expressive art! / 2015
Picture for the sign-up for the Open Mic on Facebook.
Facebook header.
Heikki Kuula and visiting act Likainen Etelä @ Nightclub Shake, Kirkkonummi, 2015
Poster and fb-header.
Hometown beats presents @ Unccan 2015
Gigposter for various artists arranged by Hometown beats.

Hometown beats logo-design.
PRD - Porvoo Roller Derby poster 2014
Special illustration.
RYTM / RYTMI / RHYTHM music evening @ Serendipity Art Café & bar
Collaboration of Raseborg and Makana municipality project, Raaseposse-hip hop project, and Kelmu
Logo-design, Art director, all print and webmaterial graphic design and layout.
Poetry Jam @ Serendipity, Karis/Karjaa
Poster and fb-header.
Poetry Jam @ Köttkontrollen, Raseborg.
Poster and fb-header.
Chekhov Symposium in Finland 2014.
Poster and program-booklet.
Oi Hillo! O Sylt! performance 2015
Poster and fb-header. Handmade lettering of "Oi Hillo!".
Karis City night informational poster 2012.
As intern for Raseborg City.
Jussi Syren and The Groundbreakers web poster.
Bluegrass and acoustic music in Pub Norris.
Children's Treasure Hunt 2013
Posters, ads, maps, booklets and diploma graphic and layout in three languages (eng, fin, swe).
Children's treasure hunt 2012
As intern at Raseborg City. Poster, maps, booklets and diploma graphic and layout in three languages (eng, fin, swe).
Nenäklubi @ Klubi, Turku 2012
Shenmen and ill Division gigposter 2012.

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