Coverdesign for web for rap-artist Qruu (FIN).

Webmaterial in different sizes.

The theme of the design was to go with the theme of the EP: anti-racism and equality.

The artistic guidelines were simple;
- the artwork should go along with the message of the music
- be colorful
- the logo of the artist was to be incorporated somehow
- Finlands flag somehow represented - preferrably rugged to symbolize the political situations of the now

Materials used besides digital editing: Aquarelle, gouache-colors and ink.
Illustration goes along with the lyrics message, imagining a better world with more empathy and listening.
I chose to draw a kid painting over a swastika-symbol as artist Qruu often speaks out for equality in his songs. The swastika-symbol is deliberately turned the wrong way, symbolizing that many who go into these fundamental thoughts seem challenged to use correct symbolism themselves, and do not tend to actually know history.

The swastika's blue tint also goes with the guidelines set for the artwork - it is the blue color of Finlands flag.
For the youtube-version of the EP where all songs are on a track, the titles are incorporated in the picture too.
I hand-lettered a "tag" with the producers name to be placed on the illustrations "wall" (only the words Machete Beat), and made a version of the artist's logo to go along in the visual style.
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The music is also on Spotify, Deezer and iTunes.

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