StreetFest Oulu 2015: concept, branding, all print and screenproducts design and layout.

StreetFest Oulu is a festival all about street culture, arranged for the first time in september 2015, aiming to become an annual happening. The target audience was kids, adults, and anyone interested in street culture and the whole event needed to be designed in a manner suiting for families too.

Color-coding was therefore an important aspect to incorporate into the whole campaign design.

The overall information was presented in turquoise, evening programme in lilac, programs for kids and youth - for example workshops and competitions were coded with pink and yellow. 

Besides posters and flyers, many screendesigns were needed, as one of the arranging partners of the festival was S-ryhmä and the event therefore was marketed in local shops and malls on screen, as well as the "Yhteishyvä"- lehti by S-group.

I also provided the team responsible for socialmedia-marketing at SuperPark, Areena and Tuhtimusiikki with png-grounds to be able to target the marketing of the different shows, happenings, and competitions of the whole festival on social media. This enabeled the branding and image of the campaign to keep consistent, even though many different arrangers and organisers made separate efforts on different social media to market the event and specified happenings.

Poster A3. The image of the event needed to be welcoming for anybody and everybody. The festival had many finnish rap and hip hop artists performing, and with the campaign we needed to make sure that all emphasis was not focused on just the music, but the whole concept of street culture; ranging from skateboarding to graffitti-art, and fashion.
Flyer A6. 
A social-media competition was also launched, with prizes sponsored by S-Arina and Boardstock (DC-shoes).
The team of SuperPark Oulu, Areena and Tuhti coordinated with pictures about workshops, competitions and performing artists using the png-grounds. Below is a few examples of what their team created and published with the png-grounds and guides I provided them with.
Many of the screens went with the same kind of layout, as simple as possible.
I also made a flash-video for one of their malls with the same theme and layout as it was asked for.

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